Monday, October 20, 2008

Twenty-One Months

Sweet Evie,

I was in the shower this morning, when I suddenly realized yesterday was your twenty-one month birthday! I can't believe I forgot!

Twenty-one months! When people ask your age, it seems strange to say "She's twenty-one months." This may be the time I start replying with "She's almost two." My breath catches just a bit as I write that. Almost two...

Your imagination is blossoming. Your favorite "pretend" activity is cooking. You often stir pots and bowls of who-knows-what. After the food is "done," you offer Daddy and me bite after bite. You also love to have tea parties. Of course, being Miss Independent, you prepare the tea all by yourself and then give it to us.

You also love dressing up. Just a few days ago, you learned the word "princess." Now you are a princess when I put your hair in pigtails or when you wear a tutu. You like to wear hats of all kinds when dressing up. You might pair a fireman's hat or a baseball cap with a dress. Whatever the outfit, you are always the most beautiful girl I know.

You must take after GaGa, because you are quite the artist. We color or paint or draw every single day. GaGa and I thought your first paintings would end up completely brown, but you surprised us. You keep your colors separate and create beautiful works of art. Just tonight, you colored on the carpet for the first time. This was not my favorite of your creations.

I can't believe how quickly you are learning language. You say so many words! My favorite is when I ask you what a pirate says and you reply "Arr Matey!" It cracks me up! You get excited when you see colors, especially orange pumpkins. You don't know the word "pumpkin" yet, but you scream out "Orange!" Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year, so I'm hearing about them a lot!

Of course, you know all the names and colors of The Backyardigans. You watch an episode almost every day, but your entire day revolves around these characters. You carry around your little stuffed Pablo, and ask to listen to their "See Bee," which is Evie-speak for CD.

You've learned how to open the childproof drawers and cabinets. This is no end of frustration for Daddy and me. You get out our good Post-It notes and rip them apart one by one. You help youself to the lip gloss in the drawers. You even figured out where we keep the gum and candy. When we tell you no, you say "Tic Tac, please? Gum, please?" Of course, the contents of this drawer have been relocated elsewhere!

Obviously, candy is still your favorite food. Fortunately, it's followed closely behind by apples, noodles of any kind, and edamame. When I took you to the doctor last week, that scale I hate so much still read only 20 pounds.

And the saga of putting things in your nose continues. Today you were upset, and you kept telling me "Seeds!" You tried to stick my finger in your nose. It was only then that I understood you had stuck a sunflower seed up your nose, and you needed my help getting it out. Ah, a mother's job...

You are the best little girl. You are developing a lot of empathy for others. When you see someone cry, whether in a book or in public or on TV, you mimic their face and say "Cry." Likewise, you love the attention you get when you hug or kiss someone. You and Daddy play a game where you listen to his heart, which is really Daddy's way of getting you to sit still with him and cuddle. It's very cute.

You are my miracle baby. I love you so very much. Each day, you grow bigger and smarter and sweeter. And each day, my miracle gets better and better.

Love, Mommy


Heather said...


Anonymous said...

21 months I know when does the month thing stop? I hope never, lol. She sounds like an absolute joy and so much personality! What a great post!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, sweet Evie, you are a miracle!

I was so sad when I had to stop counting in months switched to years. It made the baby stage seem so over.

MoziEsmé said...

Wow - she just keeps growing up so fast!

I love the princess thing! Esme won't let me put anything in her hair :( but she loves Cinderella, so maybe we'll get into the girly things someday. She actually leaves the clothes on the dolls sometimes now, after months of insisting the clothes stay off.

Fiona said...

Seriously - I'm so mad at you right now.

I have to go teach. And I'm all sniffly! The students are going to ask, "What's wrong with her?" And I'll have to pretend it's nothing when In Fact, I've been over here getting all weepy over your post.

New rule: no reading Oakbriar Farm until lunchtime. Then I'll have chocolate to help me chill before the next batch of students.

Rachel said...

I say you should stick with the month thing. When she turns 17 you can make her a cake with the words, "Happy 204th month birthday!" :)

I actually had to use my calculator for that math. :(

Janelle said...

You are a sweet, sweet mommy.

I had the same glitch in my throat today when I realized my baby was 18 weeks old. Somewhere along the way I have stopped saying "weeks" and moved on to saying 4 months.

Mommyhood is so tender, isn't it?

Momma said...

you mean babies figure out child proof locks?!?! lol

Shari Baby said...

very sweet.

and what rachel put is funny. haha.