Friday, October 17, 2008

Penny for Your Thoughts

There is a Backyardigans episode where Tyrone loses his lucky penny, and the cast journeys to the center of the Earth to find it. So, naturally, Evie is obsessed with pennies.

Luckily, I don't have a child who puts things in her mouth. Since we watched this episode, I've given Evie a few pennies to play with. They're scattered around the house, and she'll randomly find them. When she does, she shouts "Penny! Tyrone!"

The other day, Chris and I were in the living room just vegging while Evie played. There were no pennies in sight, but her Backyardigans guitar was on the floor. She came over to me and asked for a penny. When I said I didn't have one, she reached over to my hand and plucked an imaginary cent from my palm! She pinched her little fingers together and held them up for me, saying "Penny." Then she took it over to Tyrone's picture on the guitar and pretended to give it to him. She played this game, back and forth between Chris and me for at least fifteen minutes.

Chris had the idea to get out the piggy bank my mom gave Evie when she was born. Brilliant! Evie now spends plenty of time dropping pennies, dimes, and quarters into her bank. Not only is she occupied, but she's working on her fine motor skills at the same time!

In our home, pennies are priceless these days.


Tari said...

When Two was Evie's age we would go to a restaurant (very kid-oriented) that had a few video games. One would get a few quarters if he finished his meal, but since Two had no idea how to play and couldn't reach the games without climbing on them (which he did) we gave him pennies. He thought that was so cool, and would crawl up on the games and "play" while the words "GAME OVER" flashed on the screen.

Momisodes said...

Aww, sounds like our daughters are in a similar stage! We used coins as bribes while potty training. Sadly, now she's asking for "cash money."

No lie.

Bask in the joy of pennies!!!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

How sweet! We bribe with Dora, Elmo, Princess, and food! :o)

Fiona said...

This is great, though - you should tell the Mint. I don't think pennies are useful for much else these days.

I'm looking forward to showing Iain his piggy bank. It's pretty useless as a piggy bank (no bottom), but it's fun to play with.

I got it during the bicentennial, when I was 3 years old. It's Uncle Sam and you put the penny in his hand and then press a button and it drops into his carpetbag. Fun! Given Iain's obsession with pressing buttons, I figure this will be a popular toy.

These are great posts for figuring out development and age.

Shari Baby said...

haha that's cute. it's crazy how much kids pick up on.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

That is so cute. We love the Backyardians. However, Baby Girl doesn't like change. She only wants dollas & will go in my wallet anytime she wants & help herself!

Momma said...

what a great idea! just reminds me that I need to keep looking for those learning opportunities. lol

Heather said...

That is AWESOME. You are such a good mom.