Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eighteen Months

Sweet Evie,

You are eighteen months old today. As I write this, you are rolling around on the floor playing with Daddy. He is your best and favorite toy.

I can't believe you are a year and a half old. You are as close to one as you are to two. It doesn't seem like it's been very long since your first birthday party, but you are growing up!

Yesterday at the doctor, I finally saw 20 pounds on the scale! I was so excited! For some reason I think 20 pounds is a milestone mark - I feel like you're safer now that you're a reasonable weight. Silly, huh? You love to eat, so I know you're doing well without even seeing the numbers. Although you hate milk, you enjoy eating edamame, sunflower seeds, blueberries, bacon, plums, beans, eggs, and yes, apple juice.

You continue to be fascinated, obsessed, with turtles. I had no idea there were so many turtles on this Earth. They are in backyards as sandboxes, on your toothpaste tube, on a puzzle we walked by at Sam's Club. You have an eye for them. Sometimes you say "Turtle!" and I look around, certain you are just saying the word for fun. And then I see it - on a sticker or backpack or book or cup.

You are also obsessed with the computer. You talk to Grandpa on the webcam, and you must think he's there all the time. Ten times a day, you point to the computer and ask "Ga-Pa?" He's been on vacation the past week, so you haven't gotten your "fix" lately. You climb up on the chair anyway, and push buttons on the keyboard or play with the mouse. It must be something about grandparents and electronics, because you still L-O-V-E to talk to GaGa on the cell phone.

Since the Fourth of July, you have been scared of loud noises. Anything can set you off, and you scramble into my lap. You are truly terrified. Something like the sound of a lawnmower or the closet door sliding is enough to frighten you. Daddy and I are understanding, trying to comfort you.

You have become much better about sharing at the pool. There is a little boy, Gabriel, who is there often. The two of you have become "sharing friends." You let him play with your toys and share your gummy fruit. I've also seen you take toys over to other kids, and you always clap for yourself. I really encourage this behavior, "Evie, you are sharing so well!" You also want to "swim," without our help, at the pool. Daddy is much better at this than I, since it scares me. You try to kick your feet, and often end up getting water in your nose. It doesn't bother you a bit! I let you walk around and jump in the water, hoping it will tire you out!

You are a good helper at home. When I vacuum, you get out your toy vacuum and work alongside me. You wipe the table and floor with wet paper towels, and you're learning to put your toys away. Speaking of toys, you recently learned to ride your car forward! It's such an accomplishment, and you prefer it to going backward as you used to do.

Your vocabulary is growing so quickly. I am amazed at how you communicate with us. You say "Ouch!" so Daddy kisses you, and you get a lot of attention from strangers when you say "Hi!" and wave to them. You also love to point out babies to me, as if to let me know how much you have grown yourself. Your new favorite word is "No!" You know what you don't want, and you know what you want, only you can't always tell me what it is!

You are just the sweetest girl. Each morning, we cuddle in bed when you wake up. It melts my heart to snuggle and hold you. You give lots of kisses. I am so thankful to God for you. We prayed so long for you, and I can't believe you've already been ours for a YEAR AND A HALF!

Love, Mommy


Kelsey said...

She is too cute!

Jen said...

They grow up quick, don't they?

Martha said...

Hehe, it's funny that she hates milk too! Everyone gives me such a hard time about it, it's nice to know I'm not the only milk-hater in the family now :)

SarahHub said...

We haven't yet broken the news to her that milk comes from cows. Imagine how she will feel then.