Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Batteries, Okay?

We just spent today unpacking and cleaning, but Evie has been cracking me up all day.

First, she discovered a "new" toy I bought early last week at Once Upon a Child. The toy is a Leap Frog See and Learn Driver, and it came without batteries. Evie curiously turned the steering wheel a few times, but obviously nothing happened. I explained to her that we had to go upstairs and put batteries in for the toy to work. We unscrewed the back and popped them in. Evie was thrilled to steer and shift, and she loves turning the key. But most of all, she loved discovering a new word, "batteries!" All day, she would point to the toy and say "Batteries!" When Chris came home, the first thing she showed him was the back of the toy, where we put the batteries. If only I had known this for our trip, it could have occupied her for the entire drive.

The other funny thing she is doing is responding to "Okay?" I'll say "We have to go in the kitchen for your juice, okay?" or "Let's go out and check the mail, okay?" She responds with "Kay!" I find myself ending a sentence with "Okay?" just to hear her little voice agree with me. This "Kay!" addition to her vocabulary is much better than the "No!" we are used to.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

She is so adorable! What is it with batteries, anyway? When Savannah gets really quiet, I know she is taking our 57 remote controls out of the cabinet, popping off the backs, and then taking out the batteries. She would get along just fine with Evie. :)

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Anna Grace used to say NO to every ? we asked but now she says suwa or yea! It is adorable to hear her say that! We don't plan to show Anna Grace batteries for a while for the fear of her eating them! lol