Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Backyardigans

Evie is in love with The Backyardigans.

Chris and I let her watch an episode once on a plane trip to Atlanta to visit Aunt Joy. She really liked it, squealing and dancing around. But Evie doesn't watch too much TV (maybe an hour total in her entire life,) so I'm sure she forgot about it and never thought of the show after we got off the plane.

And now we are planning a trip to Ohio at the end of the month. (I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE!!!) We're driving, which makes me nervous. You see, Evie is a terrible car passenger. When she was younger, she cried every time we had her in the car. I'm not exaggerating - EVERY time. Not just whining, but the all-out screaming, sobbing, choking kind of cry. I would get a stomach ache just planning dinner out, because I knew what we would endure on the way to eat and the way back home. When she turned a year old, it's like a switch flipped. The crying has stopped, for the most part. Every once in a while, usually at night if she's tired, Evie still cries. Still, I think she just probably exhibits typical toddler behavior, for which I'm relieved.

But I'm nervous about such a long drive. I'm racking my brain trying to think of things to make the trip easier. I need snacks, books, toys, and yes - DVDs! This is where The Backyardigans have made their way back into our lives. Last week I began to Tivo episodes, and we'll record them to a DVD for the drive.

Today I decided to see if Evie was still charmed by Uniqua and her friends. The episode began, and The Backyardigans began singing and dancing to their theme song. So did Evie! She even tried to mimic some of their dance moves, in a very Elaine Benes kind of way. After the song ended, the show began, but Evie yelled "More!" She liked the dancing! I fast-forwarded to the next song, and Evie and I danced along till it ended. "More!" And another song and dance followed.

I thought this was hilarious, so I had Chris try tonight. Same results. Sing and dance, fast-forward, sing and dance. Chris ended up just playing the theme song over and over, so it is REALLY stuck in my head. Evie was mad at us when we turned it off.

It's a cute show, and I'm sure she'll enjoy it on the drive to Ohio. But how she will dance while strapped into her car seat?

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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ok. I have to admit. I like the Backyardigans almost as much as my little one. The songs are WAY catchy and I sing them as I am working around the house. How awful is that??? :)