Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cuddles Louise

Yesterday, Evie and I spent the morning at Build a Bear. I hadn't been there since I made a bear for my nephew Jake when he was born. I have to admit that at the time, I wasn't interested in MAKING the bear. I just wanted something cute, and I could record a personal message in the bear, so there I was. I didn't get the whole bear-making "thing."

Turns out, bear-making is a great mommy-daughter activity! First, you choose your bear. This sounds easier than it really is. They have all kinds of bears, but they have other characters like bunnies and dogs and cats and elephants and TURTLES. Good God, I never knew how many turtles there were in this world until Evie. Of course she wanted the turtle. I am SICK TO DEATH of turtles. What happens when she grows out of this phase and no longer wants these creatures? (Can you picture the garage sale sign? "GIANT one-family garage sale. Biggest selection of used turtles in the Midwest.) So I didn't let her get it.

Now, I write that with a bit of guilt. I went in thinking I would let her do all the choosing. But I just couldn't leave with another turtle, so I offered a few suggestions of my own. She said "No," to a few, but then she hugged the Read Teddy. We have a winner!

Next we made our way to a big machine full of bear stuffing. A Worker Bear (I made that up, I don't know her title,) hooked our bear up to the machine and stuffed it. She gave it to Evie for a hug to make sure it was "just right." Before she sewed up the back, we pressed a button and all these little stuffed hearts fluttered up like confetti. Evie chose a heart, kissed it, and stuffed it in the bear. What next? Yep, "More!" This special bear is very loving, having THREE hearts and all!

Now that our bear was whole, we took her to the spa, where Evie had a great time brushing her. A long, great time. Then we were on to the fun part - clothes shopping for our bear! You would not believe the outfits to choose from. Evie could not have cared less about the clothes - she went for the shoes! The flip-flops made her whine and I was afraid the little pink clogs would fall off and get lost. We ended up with a pair of pink ballet flats that we both liked, and a pink bubble dress that matched. The dress is soft, which is good when Evie cuddles up with the bear.

Speaking of cuddles, we had to name the bear. Of course, Evie can't choose a name, but I picked Cuddles because I think Evie will be able to pronounce it soon. And Louise just seems to go with Cuddles, right? We put Cuddles Louise on the birth certificate. I'm not kidding, our bear has a birth certificate. (I wonder how we get her a Social Security Number?) Her height (17 inches) and weight (10 ounces) also went on the certificate. Cuddles is also registered in the Find-A-Bear tracking system, in case she's lost. This is one high-tech teddy bear!

That was it! We paid, and left with Cuddles Louise (and a special brush for her fur) in a Cub Condo Carrying Case. Evie loves Cuddles, and our dog Murphy just wants to eat her. Sibling rivalry?

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Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

How fun!!! I love build-a-bear BUT Princess is not too crazy about it!!! We got her a Panda and she wants nothing to do with it! I love her Bear! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will add your blog to my favorites for sure!!!