Saturday, July 5, 2008

America's Birthday

You know how I love our neighborhood. Well, two days in particular really make it stand out each year - Independence Day and Halloween.

I've always loved our neighborhood on July 4th. We have a perfect view of the Ellisville fireworks at Bluebird Park, so the subdivision is jam-packed with visitors. People drag their lawn chairs into the middle of the street (I have even seen sofas in the road,) and we all watch the fireworks together. The house on the corner provides a beautiful soundtrack of patriotic music as part of the show.

This year, we had a block party with all our neighbors. We had brats and beer and lots of snacks. The kids played together all night, helped along by a giant sugar buzz. The guys played Hillbilly Golf, and I talked and had several margaritas. GaGa hung out with us, much to Evie's delight.

Evie did so well! She ate and played until around 8:00, when the first "pops" started. She was sleepy and the noise scared her, so she snuggled up with me. She fought sleep, but she eventually gave in. I held her and watched the beautiful display. Evie moved now and then, but she slept for the most part.

I guess she'll see her first fireworks display next year!

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Shari Baby said...

i would like to live in a neighborhood like yours. it sounds so friendly all the time.