Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seventeen Months

Sweet Evie,

You are seventeen months old today. You've been with us only a little more than 500 days, and you've changed my world.

You are such a tiny girl, just a little bit of a thing. I'll be happy if you make it up to 20 pounds by your eighteen month birthday. But you are a spitfire! Your personality is big, and you think you are already so grown up. However, you are still a baby, just for a little while longer.

You are running! Not just fast-walking, but full out running. It scares me because I know you will fall. And sometimes you do. But you are also tough. I'm surprised at how many times I think a tumble will make you cry, only to have you bounce back up unscathed.

Your favorite two words are more "ma" and mine "mine-a-mine-a-mine." This is cute, until you are put in a situation where sharing is necessary. We take a big bucket full of toys to the pool, as does every other toddler. Sharing is required, and you have no problem playing with the toys other children bring. But you do not like them to play with your toys. You see someone approach your things out of the corner of your eye, and you rush to them -- "Mine-a-mine-a-mine!" Then you patrol the splash pool or the beach entrance, to be sure no one else has the nerve to move in on your territory. I know this is a normal part of your emotional development, but it is sure embarrassing to me!

More is a much cuter word in your vocabulary, and you use it often. "Ma" follows each time we read Where is the Green Sheep? You say it when you're eating, when I tickle you, when Daddy bounces you around on the bed like a maniac right before it's "lights out" for the night. We're learning a new rhyme, called I Have Little Feet, and you giggle and exclaim "Ma!" each time we do it.

I Have Little Feet

I have little feet
(Point to feet.)
To follow Jesus' ways.
(March in place.)

I have little hands
(Hold hands out.)
And fold them when I pray.
(Fold hands.)

I have little ears
(Point to ears.)
That hear of Jesus' love.
(Cross hands on chest.)

I have a little tongue
(Point to tongue.)
To tell about His love.
(Make "talking" motion with hands.)

You are also making strides (I guess I can say that???) in the potty-training department. You tell us immediately after you poop. If, for some reason, I'm not paying attention, you reach into your diaper and pull out a hand full of poop to illustrate your point. I have to be on the ball, because this all happens in a matter of minutes. We're buying a potty this weekend, just to see how you react. We won't be putting any pressure on you, especially since I'm not sure if I'm committed enough, and I think you're too young. But we'll see what happens.

Although you are tiny, you love to eat. Your favorite foods are blueberries, Ramen Noodles (blame Daddy for that,) sausage links, lollipops, Popsicles, sunflower seeds, black olives, and anything with tomatoes.

You still don't sleep through the night. Daddy and I consider a "one wake-up" night to be good. You were doing so well until an ear infection about a month ago. Now night-time is a struggle again. I try to be patient, but I'm not perfect. I wonder sometimes how I long I can continue to have this interrupted sleep. But most nights I'm content to get you from your crib when you need me, snuggle up in my bed and nurse you until you drift back off. I complained to Debbie next door a few weeks ago. The Girls are ten, eight, five and four years old. I said "Evie STILL doesn't sleep through the night!" She looked at me knowingly, and said "Mine don't, either." My expectations about sleep are different than before I was a mother, but a night of sleeping for hours on end sounds delicious.

You love to talk on the phone. You're too smart to spend much time on the toy "pretend" phones. You want the real thing. You talk, mostly to GaGa and Daddy, and now you have a new habit of snapping the phone closed when you're finished. Too bad Mommy is usually waiting to have the phone back and resume her conversation...

You are such a loving child. You pass out generous hugs and kisses to our friends and neighbors. Your affection is sought-after. Many times a day you will hear "Evie, can I have a kiss?" or "Evie, will you hug me?" or "Evie, will you sit in my lap?" You cuddle your new turtle; you feed and kiss your baby doll. You'll lay your sweet head on my shoulder and all is right in the world.

I was rocking you to sleep a few weeks ago, when I realized your "baby" smell is gone. I don't know when this happened, and I was sad. I was sad, and I was happy. You are growing into such a beautiful, smart, and caring child. I am overjoyed at this time we've had with you.

However, you are still a baby, just for a little while longer.

Love, Mommy

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Shari Baby said...

i love that little poem. it's nice that you write little letters to Evelyn.