Monday, June 16, 2008

Evie Loves the DMV!

Chris took a day off last Thursday. It was beautiful and we planned to go to the pool. We just had to run to the bank first.

On our way to the bank, we were pulled over by the Ellisville police! In typical wife fashion, I grilled Chris - "What did you do? Were you speeding? Did you cut someone off? Did you run a red light?" Turns out, the nice officer wrote us a ticket for expired license plates - from JANUARY! (And, being so very nice, he also wrote us a ticket for having an expired insurance card. Not expired insurance, as he could have easily checked. Just an old card. But I digress.)

So Evie and I took Daddy's car for an inspection and emissions test Friday. It was uneventful except for the poop. You will all be shocked to hear that I noticed a little dried poop on my shirt while I was driving to the mechanic. You will be even more shocked that I did not turn around, but instead WORE THE POOP until we returned home. Wow, motherhood sure changes you.

Today we had to complete the last step, and visit the dreaded Department of Motor Vehicles. Turns out, it's like an amusement park to a toddler. We walked in and Evie was instantly the center of attention. (Not too hard when everyone else looks like they're waiting to have their mug shot taken.) The old people and bored men and women all asked her name and how old she was. She showed off by climbing up and down, up and down, up and down the big wooden bench. She ate sunflower seeds. She showed everyone all the toys she had in her little purse. She pestered some poor man (who claimed he liked it) while I talked to the nice lady who renewed our license plates. Then, sadly, it was time to leave. Would you ever guess that Evie screamed and cried? If you're in need of an inexpensive, kid-friendly summer activity, I highly recommend the West County DMV.

Oh, and one last tidbit of parental knowledge I learned today: A bag of popcorn from the Target food court will make your shopping trip much easier! They don't even make you pay for the popcorn if you bring a child as cute as Evie.

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Shari Baby said...

oh that's so gross about the poop? how did it get there!?