Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I have fallen in love with Chris all over again.

Someone told me this would happen. When we first decided the time was right for a baby, a girl at my gym told me seeing your husband as a father makes you fall in love again. It's so true.

Chris is an excellent father. He's not one to sit on the sidelines. He was the first one to be able to get her to fall asleep when she was a tiny infant. He used to do the "Daddy-Daughter Dance" and she would drift right off.

I love watching him interact with Evie. Chris reads to her, throws her up in the air, and makes her laugh. He teaches her things I don't approve of, like burping is funny. When it's time to blow bubbles or draw with chalk, he's right there with her, DOING those things. He used to push her around in this little car, and she would shriek with laughter. He takes her for walks in the stroller and rides in the wagon. He makes her bath and her sippy cups full of juice. He LOVES her.

The best thing is watching him with her. He is so happy. At least ten times a day, he turns to me and says "Did you see/hear that?" Chris is amazed at this tiny little person we have produced, and he looks at her with wonder each day.

I am so thankful that I've had the opportunity to watch him be a father to our daughter. Seeing him love his family is a glimpse I have into the relationship God has with us. I know our love is small compared to His, but Chris' joy at being a parent has to come close!

Happy Father's Day, Chris. We love you.

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Shari Baby said...

that's really sweet, sarah.