Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ballwin Days

Saturday night, we headed over to Ballwin Days with some friends.

It was a night of many "firsts" for Evie. We parked in the Target parking lot, and Evie took her first ride on a big, yellow school bus that served as a shuttle to the park. I don't think she fully grasped the school bus thing, but our friend Delyla did. She had a big, proud smile plastered on her face, like "Do you all see what I'm doing??? I'm RIDING on a SCHOOL BUS!"

I adore fair food! The caramel apples, cotton candy, kettle corn and snow cones were calling to me. "Sarah, look over here. I haven't seen you all year. Come and get me!" So, we dug right in. Chris had a corn dog and fries that he claimed he bought because Evie might want some. Evie and I had nachos, full of chili and yummy cheese. Evie is a nacho-lover! She chowed down and somehow managed to stay pretty clean in the process. Our bellies full, we headed over to the rides. (Now that I write this, was that very smart??? Full tummies and rides that shake you up???)

I always think rides at these little fairs are a bit scary. Are they maintained well? Are the operators trained and paying attention? I wasn't sure how Evie would react, but I should have know my dare-devil daughter would hold her own. We rode the carousel first. Evie had never been on one, so I watched her closely for signs of distress. She had a blast! Her hair was blowing, and she was smiling! At the end of the ride, she protested "More!" And we rode again. I believe we could have stayed there all night, but we were on to other things...

The next ride was a test of my bravery as a mother. Chris and Evie rode this ride that spins around and goes UP IN THE AIR! They chose to sit in a little dragon-thing, and buckled in. Evie was okay with the spinning, but was not a fan of the flying part. She did well, though. You could see the fear on her face, but she didn't cry!

We walked around a little more, ate kettle corn and cotton candy (thanks for sharing, Chi!) and ended the night with a train ride. Let me tell you, this train was not built for grown-ups. I squeezed in with her, but that was one LONG train ride.

It was a great first summer fair for Evie. We left for home just as the big crowds were coming in. We'll have stay late for the fireworks for another year.


Martha said...

Hehe, do you remember when you took me to Six Flags when I was little and I nearly threw up on your friend Heather on the Highland Fling? Sounds like Evie has a stable stomache!

SarahHub said...

All this time, I thought you were faking!