Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Two Favorite Evie Words

Okay, before I write about Evie... Did anyone see that Bakerella herself commented on my Cupcake Bites???!!! I mean, she has been on MARTHA STEWART! I feel like I had a brush with a celebrity!

On to my real life... We met our friends Erika and Owen at the pool this afternoon. Evie showed off and said one of my favorite words in her vocabulary, "turtle." I can't exactly describe how this word sounds coming out of her little mouth. Kind of like "tud toe." Oh, it melts my heart!

My other favorite word is "elbow." She's been saying "bow" forever because her mother is obsessed with hair ribbons, and she has taken up the cause. She loves to point to the bows hanging in her room and say (very clearly, might I add) "bow." But now she has learned "elbow!"

Of course, my favorites will always be "Mama" and "Daddy" but "elbow" and "turtle" are so fun to hear!

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