Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reality Bites!

My sweet, cute, angel of a baby snuggled up to me today after lunch. She loving laid her beautiful head on my shoulder, and BIT ME! THEN SHE LAUGHED!

Now, we had a busy morning. We went to a way-too-long VBS volunteer meeting, followed by story time at Borders. We were tired. But tired is no excuse for biting.

So I told her "No!" I looked right into her eyes and said a very stern "No!" Evie seemed like she took me seriously. She laid her head down on my shoulder again, and BIT ME! After several cycles of "No!" and biting followed by giggles, I gave Evie her first official time out. (Is this even okay for a 17-month-old???) I made her sit on the corner of the couch for about a minute, and I was too smart to let her put her head back on my shoulder.

We both needed a nap. An hour and a half later, my sweet, cute, angel of a baby was back. We made it through the rest of the afternoon at the pool and playing with the neighbors sans biting.

My fear: Is this a new trend? Or just a precocious and very sleepy girl?

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Rachel said...

Perhaps you smelled like olives. ;)