Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot in the City

It was a zillion degrees in St. Louis today. And so very, very humid. You could even say it was oppressive. Of course, I chose to run errands.

Evie and I had a lazy morning, but headed out around 11:00 to vote. IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY. Then we went to a just-us-girls lunch, and Hobby Lobby. I had a new idea to use squeeze bottles to decorate sugar cookies, and I needed to buy a couple to try out this method. Hopefully it will be easier than the pastry bags and tips I normally use. We'll see next week, when I make cookies for Chris to take to work.

Anyway, getting Evie in and out of the car seat in this heat made me tired and cranky. After I got her down for a nap, I had to clean my disgusting bathroom. Seriously, it was really dirty. And bathroom cleaning always puts my in a good mood, right? Ha!

So, I was crabby. I also had a headache.

But then Chris came home. (I know, you're waiting for me to say he did something sweet to make me all smiles again. Sorry to disappoint, but he didn't.) He asked me what the sign in the yard was for. What sign???

Evie and I went out to take a look. This sign is what made me happy again! A little thank you on my lawn for helping with VBS at church. Not only did I get rewarded when I actually volunteered by talking to Cute Little Surfer about farting, but I also got the added benefit of having a hot day in August made a little brighter.

And a storm blew in tonight, cooling things off. All is well.


Kelsey said...

Aww what a sweet sign!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, how nice that your day turned around at the end...it's always nice to be appreciated.

Hey, I like your new picture over on your sidebar. Beautiful!

Scribbit said...

A thunderstorm? I love those summer storms actually, wish we got warm enough to get some of it.

And sounds like the day ended well!

Heather said...

That is a CUTE idea for thanking someone.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

K, I have to go check out the cute farting surfer, but first...

You are a GENIUS! My kids and I decorate sugar cookies every year for Christmas...those bottles look perfect!

I will have to find those for sure! Thanks!