Monday, August 25, 2008


So Evie loves The Backyardigans.

It's a cute show. During each episode, the characters take an imaginative adventure. Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin sing and dance their way through each expedition. It's cute, that is, until it consumes your child.

You would never guess how much The Backyardigans comes up at our house. She asks to watch the show on television. She has several Backyardigans sippy cups that she prefers over all others. But the worst part is "Beeba."

Evie, who usually wakes up and snuggles, instead demanded "Beeba" first thing after her nap the other day. "Beeba" is Evie-speak for her very favorite song - "Almost Everything is Boinga."

I used to like Boinga. Alicia Keys sings the song with the rest of the cast, and it's catchy. You can dance to it, and the words are fun. That was before it became the constant soundtrack to our lives.

It started slowly. We used to listen to Born to Play (a CD of Backyardigans songs) in the car. It was great because she loved being in the car. Running errands suddenly became much easier. But Evie soon realized that she didn't have to listen to the entire CD. She began to shout "More!" each time Boinga ended. And so everytime we are in the car, we listen to Boinga over and over and over.

Then Evie discovered we could listen to Boinga on the computer. She randomly yells "Beeba!" when we're in the vicinity of the kitchen, hoping I will appease her. Usually I do, and so Boinga plays much of the time we're cooking or eating.

Yesterday, Daddy burned a copy of the CD so Evie could listen in her room. And so now Boinga is on repeat in that room, too.

I think this is payback. I remember being obsessed with Will You Marry Me, Boy? by Paula Abdul when I was younger. My mom threatened to break the CD if she heard it one more time. Huh, this is one more thing I understand better about my mother. The whole "Wait till you have kids!" thing is just so true...


MamaHenClucks said...

Thanks for stopping by the Henhouse! Your little one is soooo cute! I LOVE her name. And do I ever hear you on the obsession thing. Ugh! We have a pony craze that is going on three years now.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Anna Grace is obsessed with Princess stuff! I know what you're talking about!

Momma said...

awesome! my son is only fourteen months and I do not look forward to the day when this happens. I am going to enjoy the days i can still pick the music we listen to! lol.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh goodness. Wanna come over for a Backyardigans marathon? Savannah LOVES them too...I think her favorite episdoe is Legends of the Volcano Sisters. I catch myself singing these silly songs as I go around the house. Crazy!