Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Naughty Ninja

Today, Chris called Evie a "naughty ninja." The nickname works, actually.

She is stealthy. We'll look away for a few seconds, and there she is, somewhere she doesn't belong. Maybe she's standing on a chair at the kitchen table. Maybe she's playing in the dog's water. Most likely, she's in front of the computer.

Evie is really drawn to the computer. She loves the buttons and the mouse. She loves the pictures that come up from our screen saver. She loves talking to Grandpa on the web cam. She loves listening to Almost Everything is Boinga over and over and over.

So she can't help herself. The minute she sees an opportunity, she goes for it. She climbs up on the chair and pushes buttons on the keyboard like a madwoman. If she can't get on the chair fast enough, she'll settle for just standing on the ground, stretching to get her hand on the mouse.

As of this post, our computer is still intact. For now. What a naughty little ninja!


casual friday everyday said...

Tee hee - I love that nick name.

Shari Baby said...

that IS a great nickname. love it!