Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do It Yourself - Toddler Toys

GaGa and I took Evie to a Parents as Teachers fair last Friday. If you aren't familiar with PAT, you should check it out. It's an organization run by local school districts and it helps parents understand what to expect during each phase of their child's development.

We've been involved with PAT since Evie was born. Barbara, our Parent Educator, visits several times each year. She encourages us that Evie is developing appropriately, and tells us different toys, games, and songs that are suitable for her age. PAT also hosts workshops in our area. This fall we'll be attending fun things like Babies in the Barnyard, Push Pull & Carry, Just Me and My Dad, Let's Make Music, Cars Trucks & Things That Go, and Gym Night.

Evie had a great time when we visited the fair. We were there for almost two hours, and could have stayed even longer! It amazed me that there are so many toys and activities you can MAKE for your child!

Evie stacked rings on cones, fished balls out of water with a net and dropped them into buckets, fit lids from frozen juice cans into a hole cut into a plastic coffee can, dropped shower curtain rings into an empty Pringles can, pushed straws into a Parmesan cheese container, and batted a beach ball with a paper-plate-paddle. Each of these activities kept her busy for quite awhile!

Fun, easy, and cheap! I'm planning to make several of these toys for our house!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I have never heard of this...but it sounds so cool! You are such a good mama, you know all of the interesting things to do with your baby. :)

psimp said...

The best thing is that the activities weren't just keeping Evie busy, they were actually helping her develop her fine and gross muscle skills! Cool, huh? And next time Barbara visits I'll bet she has new ideas for you and Evie to do since Evie will be a little older and ready to learn new things.

Jackie, you can look for a Parents as Teachers program in your area by following the Find a Program link on www.ParentsAsTeachers.org.

Momma said...

this is the third time this week someone has mentioned Parents as Teachers. I think it is a sign I should check it out. lol

casual friday everyday said...

Look at all that fun. You're a good Mommy and lots of fun!


Prasti said...

fantastic! sounds like a great pgm. i will have to see if they offer it around my neighborhood.

bluedog said...

I'm so jealous! I tried to get into PAT in Arnold but they were non-responsive. I really want to get Avery involved in the program. Will you loan Pat out to us?! :)

Heather said...

Interesting that none of the toys come from the toy aisle. Kids alway will like the everyday things better.

This sounds like a great organization. We don't have anything like that here. Maybe I could be the one to start one?

(Now right now, of course. But soon)