Monday, March 23, 2009

Twenty-Six Months

Sweet Evie,

Last week you turned twenty six months old. Like every monthly birthday, I am surprised again at how quickly you grow. But TWENTY SIX MONTHS? I just can't believe it!

With the spring weather, we've been spending lots of time outside. Tonight Daddy noticed you have a little bit of a tan. We've played for hours at the park. You love to swing and you are a daredevil on the slide. Friday, you taught kids (who were several years older) how to go down the slide on their tummy. I was worried a mob of mothers would hunt me down because their children were going dangerously fast - face first - right off the slide!

You love to play with the neighbors in the evenings. You ride bikes and chase them and color the driveway with chalk. You like to drag your little chair from the garage and watch the runners and dog walkers go by. Daddy takes you for a special walk almost every day. The two of you walk around the neighborhood or on the trail by our house. He always comes back with a funny story about you.

You and Daddy have grown so close the past few weeks. You have your walks, of course, and lots of special games. You love to play hide and seek. Daddy hides and you sit in the living room, close your eyes, and count to five. Then you look over at me and ask "Go now?" and I hear you run to find him. Since Murphy joins in the hunt for Daddy, the two of you often find him quickly. When it takes longer, Daddy says "Psst!" to help you. You squeal and run in his direction.

Daddy has met us for ultrasounds each week, and for lunch last week. Now that you've figured out that he can leave work during the day, you ask for him all the time. "I want see Daddy!" is a new phrase you use often.

You just love the Disney Princesses. You think you are Sleeping Beauty. You've declared I am Cinderella, and Daddy is Prince Charming. (And you are right about Daddy.) You and I attended a cookie decorating class, and the instructor asked your name. You spoke right up, "I'm Sleeping Beauty!"

You like to dress up more than ever. Sometimes you wear your bee wings from Halloween and pretend you can fly like Tinkerbell or Abby Cadabby. You have a few pairs of dress up shoes you love to wear in the kitchen. They make a clacking noise on the floor, and you've dubbed them your "clack clack shoes." You love to put on tutus. And you insist on wearing these outfits in public. I let you, because I think it's adorable to watch a little girl with a big imagination. Even if the wings pose a problem in your car seat.

You are such a loving girl. You always tell me how much you love me, and it makes my heart melt. "I love you so much, Mommy!" And I love you so much, my darling girl.

Love, Mommy


Shanilie said...

That is so wonderful she has such a wonderful relationship with her dad. And being the princess and dad prince charming - so sweet!

Prasti said...

awww...isn't something when your sweet daughter tells you "i love you"?

that cookie decorating class sounds like fun. emma really enjoys helping me bake and something like that would be fun for both of us...w/out the clean up :)

how are you feeling these days?

hubbameister said...

Nice stories!

Shari Baby said...


Mary/Mommyof5! said...

These are the things that make raising a girl so much fun! What a sweet baby girl!

Momma said...

she is so sweet!! Sweet Pea is really starting to want to be with dad too. He gets into such a great mood when dad get home. :)