Friday, March 6, 2009

At Last

Right now, the radio is on. The windows are open and the curtains are blowing slightly in the breeze.

Evie and I are both barefoot and bare legged. She's behind me, sliding the screen door open and closed, letting the dog in and out, running back and forth on the deck. She's giggling as Murphy barks at the little dogs next door. She has sand stuck to her feet.

The crocus and tulip flowers are poking up their first green shoots. I see tiny buds on the trees.

The sun is shining. It's 81 degrees outside.

Welcome, springtime.

It all matches what's in my heart. This day is a living metaphor for the life growing inside me, for the sweet daughter I am able to care for each day, for the wonderful partner I have in Chris. Everything is new and fresh and just perfect. And I am so thankful for the blessings in my life.


Momma said...

I am with you. I love spring weather! What a great time to play outside. Now if only in would stay spring and not turn into a 100 degree summer....

jennifer said...

Oh... what a great post. What a beautiful thought. That sweet little life is being perfectly knit together as we speak! It's so exciting.

Heather said...

" warmth has come along."

I really love that song, so I had to make a new lyric to tie it all in.

I think it is all very symbolic and beautiful.

hubbameister said...

Sounds almost as nice as Florida - except it is like that every day here!

It makes me feel really good inside to know you are so thankful and to know who to thank.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

New and fresh and perfect...amen to that! So beautiful...both springtime, and the new life you carry.

the voice of melody said...

What a cheerful post! Wishing you nothing but days like this. :)