Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twenty-Four Months

Sweet Evie,

Yesterday you turned two. Two Years Old. All day, I kept thinking about the day you were born. It was such a miracle for Daddy and me, and it was a day we will never forget.

A few days before you were born, we had an appointment with Dr. Jewell. At the end of our visit, he mentioned he would be on call on my due date and offered to induce labor if you hadn't been born yet. Daddy and I were both taken by surprise because we hadn't even considered that option. After lots of questions for Dr. Jewell and a night to sleep on it, we scheduled an induction for the evening of January 18th.

I just knew I was going to go into labor before that. But January 18th came, and you had not made your debut. Grandpa came in from Michigan late in the afternoon, and we all went to dinner. Then we settled in back at home and waited for a call from the hospital.

It's funny, I was so very calm. I wasn't worried, just anxious to meet you and see your face. Eventually, I went to bed and left Daddy to listen for the phone to ring.

At about 10:30 pm, the hospital called and said they were ready for us. It was finally time! We all loaded up and made our way there. When we arrived, we were shown into the birthing room and met our nurse and the resident obstetrician. Around midnight, the doctor gave me a sleeping pill and medicine to get my body ready for labor. She told me to get some rest, and that they'd start another medicine to give me contractions late in the morning.

After that, Grandpa came in the room to see how things were. We told him we were prepared - we had our favorite shows on the iPod, a deck of cards, music, lotion for a massage, sudoku books - the works. We were ready for a long labor!

But you had other things in mind, my sweet girl! While Grandpa was in the room, I felt a cramp. He left a few minutes later, and I began to feel even more cramps. Daddy and I talked to the nurse, who told us that was a normal side effect of the medicine. We knew I wasn't in labor because the cramps were low, not over my whole belly. And they got worse! Eventually, Daddy and I went for a walk around the hall. I just couldn't sit still! The monitor that was there to record my contractions was silent.

I began to worry. I was having this pain, and I wasn't even in labor yet! I had 12 more hours of this before I would get the medicine to start my labor! The pain wasn't bad, but it was constant, and I couldn't sleep. Less than an hour into the cramps, the house doctor checked, and I was dilated! Oh, then came the sweetest words "Would you like an epidural now?" I had been in labor and didn't even know it!

The epidural was the part I was dreading most. A big needle in the back can make anyone a little nervous. But I leaned over the side of the bed, and Daddy held my hands and reassured me. Just like that, it was over.

So we slept. I remember few things for the next couple of hours - the doctor broke my water, they gave me an oxygen mask because your levels had dropped a bit, I prayed little dreamy prayers that you would be safely delivered to me. At 7:00 am, the nurse came in and explained it was a shift change, and she was leaving. I was six centimeters dilated.

Then Dr. Jewell came in to wish us a good morning. He explained my contractions were irregular, so he planned on giving me medicine to make them stronger and more regular. It would be several hours though, and he said to plan on a late afternoon birth. Daddy and I called Grandpa and GaGa and told them to take it easy - have a cup of coffee and take a shower before they came to the hospital.

Our new nurse came in and introduced herself. She explained she wanted to get to know my body, and checked to see how far I was dilated. We were so surprised when she said I was fully dilated! She asked me to push, to determine if I needed to "labor down." Suddenly she was saying "Stop! I need to get Dr. Jewell in here right away."

I was comfortable - able to move my legs just a bit, but in absolutely no pain. So we waited a couple minutes and Dr. Jewell arrived. I pushed a few times and you made your way into the world! You, our precious angel, were born at 7:54 am. Dr. Jewell said you were one of the five easiest labors he's ever seen. For that, I thank you.

You looked just like Daddy when you were born. And you were so tiny. I hadn't imagined I was growing such a petite girl!

It all happened so fast! Maybe half an hour later, there was a knock at the door. Daddy peeked out and I heard "Dad, Sarah's nursing Evie. Can you give us a few minutes?" Then, I heard a very surprised Grandpa reply "She's here already?" In all the craziness, we forgot to tell everyone you had been born!

Even before you were conceived, I loved the idea of you. My own little baby. When I saw the very first picture of you as an embryo, I loved you. During each ultrasound, I loved you. When I found out you were a girl, I loved my daughter. I loved you when I heard your hearbeat. But the day I met you in person, I fell head over heels for you.

Oh, I loved you when you were born. But I really know you now. I know your sweet personality and your quirks. I've cuddled you in the middle of the night and whispered your name. I've kissed your forehead and nose and cheeks and ears and belly and toes and fingers and your perfect mouth. I've sung to you. I've read to you. We've had pretend tea parties and colored and painted and danced. We've held hands. We've run and jumped and gone swimming. And all this has made me love you more.

When I look back over the past few years, I am still in awe that you are here. You are such a blessing. You are my everything. I love you, Little One. Forever and ever.

Love, Mommy


Fiona said...

Oh, Sarah. What a sweet, touching post. This one is my favorite yet. Lucky Evie.

Prasti said...

very sweet. happy birthday to your little girl!

Heather said...

Simply beautiful.

Happy Birthday precious, Evie.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

What a sweet post. I'm so glad you had such an easy delivery. That was a wonderful story & I can't wait till you are preggo with #2!!!

Thanks for the sweet comment!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

I love this post...and I hope that Evie had a wonderful birthday!

Congrats to your husband and you for creating such a beautiful little girl!

Mommyof5! said...

OK, I have to come out of lurking! I have been a blog stalker of yours for awhile now and am always so touched by the genuine and perfect love you have for your daughter! I have to share the fact that Dr. Jewell is my OB as well and I have been with him for 13 years and he has delivered all 5 of my children! He's awesome!

Happy birthday Evie!!

Shari Baby said...

happy birthday my little niece!

SarahHub said...


Thanks for your sweet words!

And I love Dr. Jewell. A good friend is a high-risk delivery nurse at St. John's and she told me he is the best doctor she's ever worked with.

When I was trying to get pregnant the first time, I remember talking to him about how hard it was. I said I didn't know whether to pray for patience while I waited on God's plan, or if I should just pray for a baby. Dr. Jewell gave me the best advice - he said to pray for what I want and God will give me what I need. I will always appreciate the care he showed me during that difficult time!

Momma said...

happy birthday to Evie!!! she is so lucky to have you!