Monday, December 15, 2008

Siesta Ornament Exchange

This year, I participated in the Siesta Ornament Exchange. Was I surprised when Jeno, my Siesta Buddy, sent a giant package!

There was my beautiful ornament of the Holy Family, plus lots of extras - a cross for the wall, books, an Amy Grant CD, and even two gifts for Evie from Jeno's daughters. I have such a sweet, generous Siesta Buddy!

My ornament is so glittery and pretty! It's also sturdy, and I hung it on a low branch so Evie can touch it. It looks so beautiful with the lights on!

Merry Christmas and thanks, Siesta Buddy!


Momma said...

how cool!! I wish I had seen that site sooner. maybe next year...

Shanilie said...

Siesta Buddy - what a neat idea! I think that would be really neat to try next year for sure. I love the nativity ornament!

Heather said...

That is awesome!she was very thoughtful.

What did you send her?