Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kringleville Bakery

A few weeks ago, Evie and I attended a cookie decorating event at Kringleville Bakery.

The decorating was fun! The bakery ladies gave us a plain cookie and tons of icing. I love decorating cookies, but hate the icing clean up, so this was perfect! Evie wanted a snowman, so together we piped a cute little blue snowman with a red hat. Because it hadn't snowed here yet, (and there was green icing readily available,) we piped a little grass underneath our snowman.

Then came the sprinkles! Evie smashed so many jimmies and sprinkles onto this cookie that you couldn't even tell there had ever been a snowman! In fact, both GaGa and Chris thought it was a Christmas tree when they saw it later! But Evie had fun and so did I.

Somehow I must have erased the pictures from my camera, but my friend Lisa just emailed me this photo. (That's her beautiful Hailey in the red shirt!) What a sweet memory of a sweet afternoon!


Elizabeth Bonds said...

Adorable picture. I am sorry you lost all of your pictures, but glad your friend sent you this one. It sounds like it was a fun day.

Prasti said...

sounds like fun (i agree...not a fan of icing or sprinkle clean-up)!

nice to see you in the photo too :).

merry christmas!

Shari Baby said...

i would love this!

Tim Airhart said...
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Momma said...

oh how fun!! all play and no clean up is the best!

Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

FUN! You're one fun fun Mommy!


Heather said...

Oh That is awesome. I wish we had things like that here.