Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twenty-Two Months

Sweet Evie,

Yesterday was your twenty-two month birthday. You are less than two months away from your second birthday, and I am still amazed by you every single day.

The big highlight over the past month was the two weeks Grandpa spent at our house. I tried to prepare you for his visit by explaining Grandpa would be sleeping at our house. You took it a bit literally, and for the first day or so you kept saying "Grandpa sleepy." I guess I'll have to be a little more clear next time!

We had a great time with Grandpa - visiting the Butterfly House, attending a sing along at PBK, digging for dinosaurs, going out to lunch several times and to dinner at PF Changs (where you learned to use chopsticks,) and just hanging out together. Grandpa bought you new Crocs, and you now refuse to wear any other shoes. He left Sunday afternoon, but you still ask for him and yell his name daily.

You are speaking so well. Today you were playing make believe, cooking in your little kitchen. I heard you say "Soup too hot." Then you blew into the pot to cool it off. You say so many things, I can't even remember them now. You can communicate exactly which Backyardigans episode you want to watch. "Ho Daddy" is reqested most of all, which means you want to watch "Surf's Up," where they say "Ho Daddy! Surf's up!" Oh, and you are such a girl! You can screech - with joy or surprise or just pure energy - like nobody's business.

Speaking of soup, it's become your favorite food. I try not to ask what you want to eat, because the answer is always "Shoup!" You still love sunflower seeds and cashews, but you've added yogurt tubes and string cheese to the list of foods you adore. You love, love, love candy of any kind, especially Nerds and Starburst.

I just bought you a shirt last week that says "Candy Girl." You run around the house screaming "Candy Girl!" You and I had a battle this week because you wanted to wear that shirt with a skirt, not jeans. It didn't match at all, but I finally caved in and allowed you to look ridiculous for our playdate. I should have taken a picture to blackmail you with when you're older.

You are so like Daddy in two new ways. First, you are talking in your sleep a lot more. The other night I was trying to fall asleep. We all have colds, so I heard:

Daddy: Snore
Evie: Snore
Daddy: Snore
Evie: Yellow cup!
Daddy: Snore
Evie: Teeth!
Daddy: Snore
Evie: Snore
Daddy: Snore
Evie: Seeds!

Secondly, you have taught yourself to fake burp. You think this is hilarious and do it over and over and over. At least you've learned a little from me, because you hold your little hand to your neck and say "Excuse me."

You are very empathetic. There is a picture of a crying baby in a book we often read. You screw up your little face and say "Cry. Mommy." In your mind, his mommy will make it better. And you are concerned with my happiness, too. If I seem frazzled or frustrated, you stroke my arm and say "Mommy, happy."

And, Sweetheart, you do make me so happy. Your sweet smile, your sweet voice, your sweet little face... You're everything I prayed for. You're my daughter, my "best thing," my everything. I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Mommy


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Isn't it amazing watching them learn things right before your eyes? I think it is so funny that she has an opinion on what she wears have a little fashionista on your hands!

Stam House said...

Oh this is a very sweet post! your little one is adorable!!!

Rachel said...

Well, I for one am not surprised that she wants to wear skirts instead of jeans. She is your daughter afterall.

However, the fake burp is something she completely got from Chris.

Fiona said...

So sweet! And so funny.

I think there are life lessons, there, too. Imagine how much fun the world would be if, randomly, people hollered out "Yellow cup!"

I'm going to try it today.

Shari Baby said...

haha that's true what rachel said about skirts and burps

MoziEsmé said...

I love these letters! She is getting so big, and I echo your sentiments exactly at the end of the letter with my little girl...

The dressing battle is a constant one in this house. Right now I let Esme pick from 3 outfits each morning, which is working well, though several times she will change her mind as soon as she has one on. She definitely has her own taste, though.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

That was so sweet. She sounds so much like my Baby Girl. They would have a blast together! And we would probably just laugh the whole time!