Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Build-A-Bear Winner

Congratulations to Reiza, who won my Build-A-Bear giveaway!

I must admit, I was excited by all the comments I received! Who would have guessed? Plus, I was beyond thrilled when my contest was highlighted at Momdot and 5 Minutes for Mom's weekly column "5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere." (By the way, the two moms who run 5m4m also have two online toy stores you should check out: A Rocking Horse to Love and Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles.)

I loved reading the comments about favorite gifts. What struck me was I didn't see a single reference to a big expensive gift. No Wii made it on the list. What I read were personal memories of homemade gifts, play kitchens, and baby dolls. It helped put this gift giving season in perspective.

So now I just have to figure out what exactly makes it onto Evie's Christmas list!


Fiona said...

You know, I couldn't think of anything that really seemed meaningful enough. But the comments are great to read, and very inspiring.

Reiza said...

Thanks so much. This really will help us out this season.

And I must thank you because your question about most meaningful toys actually inspired me to blog about my cardboard Strawberry Shortcake kitchen and it made me take a hard look at what is and is not important in a toy.

Thanks again.

Momisodes said...

Congratulations to Reiza!

I'm so glad the giveaway was such a huge success :)

Jeno said...

Hi Sarah,
I have sent several emails and I am not sure your getting them. I am your siesta buddy. If you wouldn't mind please email me when you get a chance. Thanks so much.

Shari Baby said...

darn it i didn't win! haha. kidding. congrats reiza.

Rachel said...

Darn it! I really wanted that bag.

I know, it keeps getting less and less funny each time I post this.

Momma said...

you are right about the gifts. it makes me want to really think about each gift I give this year and not pick out something random and hope they like it. lol

Ria said...

Wow, Sarah! 314 comments... way to go girlfriend!!! What a great way to use the BAB certificate.