Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twenty Months

Sweet Evie,

Yesterday was your twenty-month birthday. Right now you are sleeping peacefully in your bed, hopefully dreaming sweet dreams. You fell asleep minutes ago while I was holding you, and I deposited you safely into bed. I stood there an extra moment, just admiring your sleeping face. You are such a treasure.

Earlier today, you were prancing around in a new pair of shoes. They are actually boots, and you were excited to have them. You danced around exclaiming "Boots!" and then shook your feet through the banister. As I was watching this, I just couldn't believe Daddy and I made you. A little piece of me and a little piece of Daddy made this perfect little person who now lives in our house. Life is such a miracle.

Of course, you had two big changes this past month. You no longer nurse and you sleep in a big girl bed. Both of these were big events in our house, but they've long since faded away. It's amazing how quickly we settle into new routines. Instead of nursing, you and I cuddle a lot. I love when you wake up in the morning or from a nap and ask "Cuddle?" Oh, my heart just melts right away!

Your bed was a challenge, but you've accepted it now. Each night, I hold you until you fall asleep and put you in your bed. If we're lucky, you'll make it until early morning before you cry to come into our bed. Last night, you didn't come in at all - you slept by yourself the entire night. I've learned that one night does not make a pattern, so we'll see what the future holds. I can say I absolutely love putting you to sleep this way. I sit on the couch and hold you. You lay your sweet head on my shoulder, wiggle a bit, and drift off. It's a beautiful time for the two of us.

You are speaking so much and so clearly! I can't even keep track of how many words you say. My favorite right now is "milk," which you pronounce as "mewt." It cracks me up every time. You love Mermaid Lullaby, and sing a few parts with me, like "hush, hush." Your voice is very sweet, and I love to hear it. You can count to three - "Von, two, free!" and you know your colors. You correctly identify blue, yellow, orange, and pink. When I ask how old you are, you lift up one finger and say "Von!"

You really enjoy doing "projects." We've made play dough and get it out often. Daddy made a turtle from it once, and you've never forgotten. Now you ask for a turtle each time. You have a sweater box full of dried lentils and you love to pour them into cups and pitchers, and stir them with a wooden spoon. Today I walked away for a minute and you were sitting in the box when I returned! You like to color and paint and draw with chalk. Sometimes, we fill little bowls with water and food coloring, and you use a medicine dropper to drop the colored water onto paper towels. You make beautiful designs this way!

You always want to help me when I'm in the kitchen. You'll pull a chair over to the counter and climb up. You yell "Help!" so I know you're ready and willing to pitch in. You often are able to help a bit, by emptying a measuring cup of flour into a bowl or stirring something. Sometimes I give you a fake chore, like washing dishes, to keep you busy while I work.

Oh, your favorite food by far is "Candy!" I am probably doing something bad here, but I often use sweets as a bribe. It keeps you in the cart at the grocery store and usually gets you to eat that last bite of meat at dinner.

You still like turtles, but you are obsessed with anything Backyardigans. You have a guitar, book, bubble blower, See and Say, and sippy cups. Sometimes when we leave the house, you try to lug all of them with you! I'll look over and see a little pile you've started by the door, and you'll be dragging some other Backyardigans item over.

You're learning to ride a tricycle. I really can't believe it. Right in front of me, you're growing up. I know in a few months I'll read this and think about how little you were. But right now, you seem so big to me.

I love you, sweet girl. You are all the best things about me. You are my best gift from God, and I love you with all my heart.

Love, Mommy


Scarlet O'Kara said...

Oh...this makes me cry...

We are the lucky ones to be blessed with our children.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

What a sweet letter to you little girl. She will love reading these one day!

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...


me too. me too.

every word is a word I would say to my Avery.


Heather said...

simply beautiful.

casual friday everyday said...

Sniff, Sniff...pass the tissues!

Shari Baby said...

that's nice sarah...and i'm glad her favorite word is 'candy' haha. good girl.

MoziEsmé said...

What a sweet letter and way to keep track of all those fun milestones!