Thursday, September 4, 2008

Growing Like a Weed

This is Evie about a year ago.

I admit I've been pretty melancholy lately about how fast Evie is growing up. These precious days are slipping right through my fingers.

I've been reading some journal entries from last year. A year ago today, I wrote:
You and Daddy have "pillow fights" now. Basically, he just drops a pillow on your face. You think it's absolutely hilarious and break into giggles! (Daddy just asked me to write that he always wins these pillow fights.)
You are growing up so fast! You're pulling up on everything - always standing. You move around the house by crawling, or by holding onto things and "cruising."
Oh, you are so sweet! I love you so much, Precious One!

I realized something when I read these entries. Life was good a year ago. Chris and I were so happy with our miracle daughter. She was sweet and beautiful. We cherished every minute.

But the same holds true today. While I have these wonderful memories, we continue to make more. I'm not losing my baby - each day is simply adding more and more to the fantastic Story of Evie.

Oh, we prayed hard for God to send us a baby. We prayed, and everyone around us prayed. And God sent this beautiful gift to us. I am so grateful we have a healthy, darling, and yes, GROWING daughter.

There's much more to the treasured Story of Evie, and I'm excited to see what the next chapter brings.


Fiona said...

Your posts lately have been so lovely. Our son has just begun to shift into a different stage (really holding his head up, sitting up mostly on his own, wiggly all the time, reaching for things with intent, etc.) and I can see already that things I cherished are gone.

SarahHub said...

Fiona, you leave me the nicest comments!

It is amazing how fast your son is growing, isn't it? Each stage brings so much joy, even though you miss what you are leaving behind...

THE ROOST said...

She is a doll & yes it goes very fast but each stage has it's special joys!!!

jennifer said...

Girl, I feel the SAME way. My little one is turning TWO next week. Makes my heart a little sad-ish. It's happening too fast!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, she is darling. And I just love her name!


Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh she is adorable! I love her name too. I bet she is so much fun. Love your blog. You have a precious family. Have a nice weekend!

hubbameister said...

Just keep having babies - enjoy each day - even when they are grown up you will enjoy them - most of the time, anyway!

casual friday everyday said...

Awww - it does go by so quickly. It's quite sad to see the cute/fun baby years blowing by so fast.