Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beauty in the Ordinary

I live very ordinary days. There isn't much sophistication in my life right now. I cook meals, clean the house, change diapers, play with my children. But even though my days aren't filled with glamor, they are full of beauty.

Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window and watched as huge, fluffy flakes of snow fell. The air was full of feathery bits, and it was a wonder to behold.

Sometimes when I feed Ethan in the dim light late at night, his chubby fingers reach for my face. During our afternoon dance parties with Evie, he lets out peals of laughter. When I wash dishes, I often put him in the bouncy seat on the kitchen counter where he coos to me, little conversations. Such sweetness is in that tiny voice.

Evie has the biggest smile you will ever see. It brings out her hidden dimple, lights up her face. She is full of music, constantly singing under her breath. She surrounds herself with pretty things - things that are pink and shiny. Things that sparkle, like her. And her voice saying "I love you, Mommy," has to be one of the most beautiful things on this Earth.

Tuesday, when Evie woke up from her nap, she said "It smells beautiful in here." It did; her favorite pot roast was simmering away, filling our house with savory smells.

There is beauty in answered prayers from my loving God. And sometimes, there is even beauty in the unanswered prayers.

There is beauty in my milky coffee with hazelnut syrup. In a gleaming floor I just mopped myself. In a shaft of sunlight falling on the carpet. In a watercolor picture from my daughter. In a phone conversation with my sister. In a look from my husband. In a bead of sweat from a good workout. In sharing laughter with friends. In my mother, waiting to hear her PET scan is clean. In the still quiet of nap time.

Especially in winter, the gray can take over. Sometimes, you just have to look closely at your life to see the beauty. And oh, I live a beautiful life.


Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

Sometimes it is hard to see it all, but like you said, it is there. Great post!

Sara said...

I was lamenting earlier about how dull and unexciting my life is. I totally needed to read this post today!

Ashlee said...

And a beautiful writer too!

Nezzy said...

You are definitely blessed my sister! I pray mom's Pet Scan gave good results. So true, all we have to do is open our eyes to see the joy in the day.

You and your family have a marvelously blessed weekend!!!

Jania said...

Your post is so timely. Thank you.

I talk with my patients every day encouraging them to find joy wherever they can. To look around and see small sparks of happiness.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Such a wonderfully written post and I so needed it, yesterday I was having and "off" day! Thank you.