Friday, April 24, 2009

Twenty-Seven Months

Sweet Evie,

Earlier this week, you turned twenty-seven months. I've been looking back at past Easter photos lately, with you in your little bunny ears. It's amazing that we've had three Easter celebrations with you. You've grown so much, and it's gone so quickly.

Your biggest (and most annoying) change over the past month is your curiosity. You ask "Why?" a million times a day, over and over.

You: You my mommy? Why?
Me: Because you are a part of me and you grew in my tummy and I love you and take care of you.
You: Why?
Me: Because that's what mommies do. They take care of their babies.
You: Why?
Me: Um, because I love you.
You: Why?
Me: Because you are kind and sweet and funny and beautiful.
You: Why?
Me: Oh, Evie, I don't know! Why are you so kind and sweet and beautiful?!?!?!
You: Don't know.

You still LOVE the color pink, to the point of insanity. You now pretend other colors are pink. "That not red, Mommy. That pink." You have to have pink clothes and shoes and drinks. (Grenadine colors most anything pink.) You look for pink signs when we're driving in the car. I even color your bath water pink. It bothers you to no end that I still have not bought pink pony tail holders. You have to settle for purple or green or blue, much to your dissatisfaction.

Your favorite show on television is Word World. The animal characters on the show "build" things out of letters. We were in the car the other day, and you complained you couldn't see me. I showed you to look in the rear view mirror, and you were concerned because you didn't have your own mirror. Then I heard you jabbering about letters, and you pushed your little hands together like they do on the show. And then, you said "Mommy, I built a mirror for my own self!" You also built a pink sky for yourself, and a purple sky for me. You proceeded to throw the skies up to the ceiling of my car.

But you love letters, and you really love books. Your favorites are Pinkalicious, Noodles from Scratch, Tea for Ruby, or any Disney Princess book. Like any child your age, you like repetition, so we read them repeatedly.

Next week, we leave for our vacation. You picked out a new swimming suit for Florida, and you want to wear it. NOW. You will be so happy to be by the pool, in your new suit! I'm really looking forward to this trip, watching you splash in the water, experiencing Disney World for the first time, meeting Shamu, and hanging out in the sun.

I can't write this without mentioning today would have been your Angel Grammy's birthday. It breaks my heart that you never met her. She prayed so hard for God to send you to us, and she prayed so hard she would know you. But I am sure if she was here, she would think you were just as beautiful and smart as special as we think you are.

I love you so much, my darling girl. Lately, you look up at me and say "I love you, Mommy. You so good to me." Sweet Girl, you are the one who is good to me. You are the answer to my prayers, the love in my heart, the light in my life. I love you so much.

Love, Mommy


Fiona said...

Aww, Sarah these are the best posts.

karen said...

Now you know why I say my kids are the love of my life.

Momma said...

what a sweetie she is!!!

yall have fun at Disney!! post lots of pics! said...

I hope you know what an amazing gift you're giving your daughter in these blog posts. And I hope you have a way to back up this free blog so that, if anything happened to it, you'd not lose all these gems!


JOYFUL447 said...

sweet little evie...