Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Rachel turned 30 yesterday. For some reason, just knowing my little sister is 30 makes me feel old. But this post is not about me, it's about the wonderful girl I grew up with. And the things I love about her.

In honor her birthday, I gave her a list of 30 things that make her special. Since many of you also read Rachel's blog, I thought I'd share them with you. Just a little insight into my little sister...

I love so many things about you, but here are thirty reasons I think you are an incredible person:
1. You are beautiful.
2. And blonde. I have to pay money to get hair like yours.
3. You are smart.
4. You are not afraid to be yourself.
5. Even if being yourself includes loving Sci-Fi movies, you are still not afraid to embrace who you are.
6. You are crafty.
7. You are creative. I don't know another soul who has made a clay-mation movie.
8. You care passionately about the world around you, and fight for causes to make our world a better place.
9. You are a great writer.
10. You can chug a beer faster than anyone I know.
11. But you are still girl-y.
12. You have good taste in shoes.
13. You get a beautiful tan in the summer. I freckle and Martha blotches, then we turn red. Count yourself lucky.
14. You understand me completely when I talk about my childhood.
15. You accept other people for who they are.
16. Unless they are Republicans.
17. You have a sense of humor. See above.
18. You inherited Grandma's love of travel.
19. You are tough, but soft at the same time.
20. You make me laugh when I remember how you stole my clothes as a kid.
21. And then hid them in the tree. How did that work exactly? Were you naked out in front of Grandma's house?
22. You don't regret the past. You accept that it made you who you are today.
23. You love your husband.
24. You could never hit a softball, but you made a cute ballerina.
25. You wouldn't let Jyoti be the "chief" in the canoe.
26. You yelled at those naked girls on the river.
27. You are generous. To me, to Evie, and to strangers.
28. You are a great aunt. When she's a teenager, Evie will dream about running away to your house.
29. You always know where the bathroom is.
30. You are a fabulous sister.

Happy birthday, Rachel. I love you dearly!


Fiona said...

Let me see if I understand what I just read:

Rachel made a clay-mation movie.

*And* Rachel has good taste in shoes?

Seriously? That's an outstanding combination of characteristics. No wonder she's so (as they say on the internet) full of awesome.

Heather said...

This is awesome. I love that you all love each other.

JOYFUL447 said...

happy birthday rachel! I,too, will feel old when my baby sister turns 30...REALLY REALLY old! HA. Because, by then, i truly will be old. You are still a young little whpper snapper in my eyes! :)

Momma said...

you are making me wish I had a sister!! :)

Casual Friday Everyday said...

You both are so lucky to have each other. So. Very. Lucky.

Shari Baby said...

haha =)