Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twenty-Five Months

Sweet Evie,

As the sun rose today, you opened your little eyes and said "Hello, Sleeping Beauty!" And, again, it struck me how much you've grown.

In the past several weeks, you've left The Backyardigans behind. It started when you no longer wanted your stuffed Pablo at bedtime - you'd hold your little hand up and say "No Pablo!" You don't want to watch the show anymore, either. You prefer Sesame Street or American Idol, or if you're having a lucky day you can talk me into letting you watch Finding Nemo or Tinkerbell.

Now you don't want to sleep on your Backyardigans bedding. Instead, you told us you want "Nemo covers." Daddy agreed to buy you new covers if you started sleeping in your own bed. Until it is light outside. And you're doing it. It should make me happy to have our bed back again, but it doesn't. I'm mad at Daddy because I wake up in the night and I miss you. You've traded in the comforts of your mother for toddler bedding!

We've planned a trip to Florida in May, and in preparation I've introduced you to the wonderful world of Disney. The library is a treasure trove of Disney Princess books and you call them by name. "Mommy, Cinderella! Sleeping Beauty! Ariel! Jasmine! Snow White!" Those Princesses are everywhere - on the balloon Aunt Rachel bought you, on your Pull-Ups, on sunglasses you see at Target, and on the fruit snacks Daddy brought home today. The two of you lay on the floor each day and read Princess books together. It melts my heart to watch you together.

You are becoming quite the backseat driver. You notice red ("Red, stop!") and green ("Green light, go Buddy!) traffic lights. You often demand "Drive slowly, Daddy!" And you rule the radio, "Music, Mommy!" or "Different music!" or my personal annoyance "Too loud!" That radio is at a whisper, and you still ask me to turn it down.

But you love singing. You know the words to "Hush, Hush" and to the "Sunny Day," which is what you call the Sesame Street theme song. You have fun singing along to all the songs from our Kindermusik class - especially "Morning Song." We sing "Wheels on the Bus" several times each day. Oh, and you are fascinated with American Idol. You even sing along with the contestants! I wasn't sure how much was actually sinking into your little brain, until you asked me to sing "Mercy." I had no idea what you were talking about until you clarified "Mercy, Mommy. American Idol."

Your taste in food is changing a little, too. You love to drink protein shakes with Daddy after he runs. You like pork loin and brussel sprouts. For some reason, you always ask for a cookie when you watch Sesame Street. But your favorite is still candy. Luckily for us, this has helped tremendously for potty training. Who knew a "potty jar" of candy would work so well?

With so much talk about a new baby lately, you want to play "baby" often. You ask to be held like a baby. You feed and cuddle your baby dolls. Somehow, you even tricked Daddy into giving you a bottle of milk the other day! And I want you to know I loved you so very much when you were a baby. You were my first miracle from God, and you made me a mother. But, Evie, I love you so much more today. You are so sweet and smart and you just glow with happiness. You have spunk and empathy and energy. You're tiny, but strong.

I love watching you grow, Little One. And I love loving you.

Love, Mommy


Scarlet O'Kara said...

My eyes are tearing up now. What a wonderful post...

Sara said...

This was gorgeous. It made me tear up a little bit. I should start writing letters to my girls, but I'm just so lazy...

Anonymous said...

She is a precious blessing and what a beautiful post!

Scribbit said...

It's crazy how fast it goes--my baby is getting too big to sit on my lap now! Sniff.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

What a sweet and caring post! I'm dreading the day my girls don't want to co-sleep with me. It's funny how they just drop shows out of the blue one day isn't it?

Shanilie said...

awww sweet post. our lil ones will continue to surprise us in all their changes big and small.

Oh she is going to LOVE seeing all the princesses at Disney!

Momma said...

how funny that she loves American Idol! lol!

and it's so weird how some milestones (like sleeping alone) can hurt us so deeply. I remember begging Sweet Pea to just sleep through the night and now I miss those nights of just me and him snuggling close to nurse.

and I can't wait to hear about your disney trip!! she will love it so much!!